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#79746 - when harvey was driving i was rubbing his crouch when i was driving he was rubbing mine i could tell this was going to be one big horny weekend away with the football captian half way there i asked harvey what this hotel like he said it was nice and he hopes i will have fun i turned around and said i will do becuase im with you for 2 hole days he smiled at me and carried on driving to be continued. 45 harvey slapped my butt i turned round and pinned him to the wall i started kissing him so deeply i thought i was going to lose my touge as i had him pinned i began rubbing his crouch area feeling his soft dick get harder and harder was the big turn on ive ever had i started lowering my self down harveys body looking into his deep brown eyes as i unzipped his trousers with my teeth and pulled his cock out he told me to wait till we get to the hotel but i was done listening i wanted his cock so badly i took the head of his cock and licked it like it was a popsical i took all his cock i

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Yolei inoue
I like it
Musashi miyamoto
Would be better without the music lol