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#130000 - Not for them you havn't Andrew asserted his dominance on the far smaller James. You think so? really? Nicole was always easy to flatter. Kelly analysed what she knew, Andrew was hot under his shirt when he returned earlier, she had since seen him using his cell phone, he was a guy, and if he wasn't having sex with Nicole, he had to clear his urge some other way, Kelly stopped thinking any further, she had seen Andrew masturbating before, his need to use that large dick of his was insatiable, Kelly in her own moments of hornyness had sometimes wished he could help her, the thought never sickened her, their family was always a distant one, but it would be a difficult feet to make Andrew think of it the same way as her, if he would consider having sex with his sister that is, and there were probably other guys out there with big dicks, she cast the depressing thought aside, at least she had figured out the mystery.

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