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#25071 - “Oh, I’m so sore, too many big cocks, so much cum, too much, but I loved it! I’m looking forward to the next time!” A foot from Stacy’s face I yelled! “YOU LOVED THE FUCKING, HUH STACY! WELL HOW ABOUT GIVING YOUR HORNEY HUSBAND A LOOK, HUH STACY! YOU SEE; I CAME HERE ON MY VACATION WITH MY WIFE, EXPECTING TO ENJOY MYSELF WITH HER! BUT YOU, STACY HAVE SPENT YOUR VACATION FUCKING OTHER MEN!! I HAVE YET TO EVEN GET A KISS ON THE CHEEK OR A HUG FROM YOU, MY WIFE, STACY!!! DO YOU HATE ME THAT MUCH?” Stacy started crying! I think I shocked them when I immediately spoke out that I wanted to watch the DVD’s they made today. OUR COUNTRY CLUB MEMBERSHIP, ….

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