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#409006 - “You are lovely, Phyllis,” he said and then: “You’ll remember this more than you’ll ever remember the Alamo!” More laughter and I wanted to go back to my booth…I was getting cold feet but hubby held my hand tight and led me to the little bench…the woman moved off and helped me lie down…three women were at me now, smoothing my skin, kissing my breasts and lips and feeling my legs, gently moving them apart, petting my cunt , whispers in m years that I would love it and just to relax and enjoy and let things happen…and in a moment I felt donkey hair alongside…It was too late now. What would happen next? I squeezed hubby and loosened his pants, releasing his glorious cock and giving it a kiss. “Strange” was exciting but I had no idea! He took my hand as we walked to the elevator and then out into the warm night air.

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