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#239813 - I can feel the baby, When he is in a bad mood, Stephen just wants sex, My love will bended me over a table, And pound into me, I am afraid to tell him to stop, I don’t want to tell him that I am pregnant, He might force me to kill it, I don’t want to do that, I will leave if that is the case, I may tell him soon, I’m not sure. My lips move down his soft pale skin, As his hand touches my breast, We kiss, Each kiss we take is more passionate than they other, He tells me that he loves me, But is that so? Does he really love me? Does he really want me? I tell him that I love him, I say it like I mean it, He laughs at the tone of my voice, His laugh is not like his normal mad man cackle, It is more smooth and sexy, His voice is deep, His hair is a deep golden yellow, His eyes are hazel, More brown that green, I could get lost in them, But are we really in love? I feel him kiss my neck, Ever so softly, His kisses are like silk,

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Saki kasukabe
Thank you daddy
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