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#284678 - The man then gripped Emma’s hips tightly and began thrusting his cock in and out of Emma’s butt at a furious pace. The man began moving Emma’s head back and forth on his cock, he loved pushing Emma’s head down and holding it there making Emma gag, he loved hearing Emma gagging and struggling for a breath, Emma’s eyes looked up into his eyes, pleading for him to let her catch her breath, he would lift her head up, letting her take a quick breath, before pushing her head all the way back down and holding it there, he enjoyed how Emma struggled and tried to lift her head up off of his cock. Emma felt both of the man’s fingers being removed and then felt the man’s fat cock being pushed against her tight butt hole and after he applied more pressure the knob of his cock penetrated Emma’s butt, Emma let out a loud scream as she felt her butt hole being stretched, the man then with a hard thrust drove the rest of his cock into Emma’s butt, Emma let out another scream of pain.

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