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#299416 - They sit on the bed, Hailey standing beside it not taking much notice, still saying how gross I am and all that kind of shit, I stroke my cock a few times, then I have an idea, I think, if I’m going to wank for them, I want something in return, so I look at Hailey’s friends and say, “I want an incentive” they look at each other then ask “What” “How about showing me your tits” Sue say’s “Sounds fare to me” and pulled her T shirt up and pushed her bra down, Julie followed her, I can’t believe they actually did it, I look to Hailey, she shakes her head, “No way, I’m not showing him my tits” Sue tells her she’s an old frump and what harm would it do, “Your looking at his cock, so come on get your tits out for him”, “I’m not looking at his cock” “So why are you still in here then”? Hailey looks back and forth from her friends to me, then with an grumpy tone in her voice say’s “Alright, I’ll do it” she takes her top off and removes her bra, I thought I had died and gone to heaven, here I was

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Quint nakajima
A gente pode ser um tbm
Aya kobayashi
I like your hentais but as a woman i always have to fabricante a story behind it it would be nice with a story