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#260292 - Well sence we picked him up after his game he was still in his baseball pamts and a tight gray t shirt u could see what abbs nd pecks he had I couldent help but gaze into his amazing young body he came home we played a few bord games, he hadent changed yet. down and start rubing the outline of his hard dick threw his tight baseball pants I slowlty undid his belt then I starte dc taking off his pants tgen his underwear his dick was suprisingly bigger tn mine almost haf an onch bigger just shy of 6inches therto rub ower dicks together was we kissed as Ifelt his toung down my mouth he grabed my ass tightly I pulled awayand tooke him by the hand to the bed lated down he layed on me turn over he wispered so I turned over he licked his hand and wiped it on my asshole it was alittle cold but I didint mind. I replyed I think o like u too.

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