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#11311 - The straps holding, were undone, seeing as I couldn't move any way, so I grabbed the amyl and took some huge sniff's and pushed back, now my mind was right into this horses cock fucking me, a sharp pain raced though my anus as what felt like a base ball bat was rammed deeper than ever, more amyl and the pain left me, another orgasm changed the feeling to total bliss. Joy was first, kneeling on the bench, one of the dogs began to fuck her ass, she loves the feeling a huge cock gives her anally, and tends to let them fill her ass, more so than her pussy now. I took great pride in working both cocks, my ass full of horse cock, and going well, my mind lost to this beast as he worked hard to finnish, his big balls slapping hard against my butt told me indeed he was fully home and it felt great, I was glad they never asked me before making me take this monster, as it was bigger than my biggest dildo and with him in control too.

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