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#247806 - “Oh, I wanted you to be a strong man, and I needed you show me that! Oh yes, Mistress, and please, please call me soon – Mistress. The girls now said they would go to the bathroom, and I said “Don’t be long, or I think you two are together…” Tin shook her head strongly “Oh no, Anh, we would never do anything together – we’d just fight because we both like to be dominant and top! What do you like Anh?” I thought, and answered with the new truth I knew: “I have found I like to be a bottom” and I blushed “but I have also found I love to suck ladies’ cocks, or maybe men’s also, so I guess I would be the ‘slave’, is that right?” Nin said, as they stood and headed off, “We need to talk more and teach you more I think Anh, wait for us. ” She was dominant, but I didn’t mind at this moment, she was a Beautiful Lady who wanted me, and I was willing to give myself to her.

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