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#4071 - Dear Maggie, Got your e-mail last night and just now found some time to answer you! It's pretty warm in Chicago today, about 80 degrees F and not a cloud in the sky, unlike London, I'll bet, with the fog and all!!! Couldn't believe what you told me about your folks!!! If my dad tried to paddle mom, that would be it, she'd brain him with a frying pan!!! You say your mom really digs getting spanked??? Wow, I can't imagine wanting to get whacked, I have too many memories of mom tanning my hide when I was growing up, that was enough for me!!! Glad to hear that you and Andy are back together, I'm still seeing Roy, and I have to tell ya, Mags, he's hung like a horse!!! He doesn't act like he's god's gift or anything, he's just so sweet that I love him to death!!! We haven't gone all the way or anything, but he always sucks my boobs an fingers me!!! Last week my mom questioned me about how far Roy and I had gone, it was so embarrassi

Read Butthole LOST EDEN 09 - Dead or alive Chibola LOST EDEN 09

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Mic quality kinda low af
Dorothea arnault
First vid i ve seen of yours got me so wet keep up the good work
Adelicia lenn mathers
Haighlee i just want to let you know again you are my favorite model on this website and your hubby is my second
Keita amano | nathan adams
Can ya believe she was in white chickss