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#58159 - I started striping off her pants while she ripped off her shirt and bra in one fell swoop then she looked at me and said “ all of it I need all of it off even the panties”. Now shouldn't you go out there and apologize to your confused neighbor?” I stood there for a minute letting that sink in “there’s a lot I’m gonna need to get used to and shes right I should apologize. I like you just they way you are I don’t want to change who you are, but that’s not all Alex what you've been calling me isn’t even my real name my real name is willow, succubi don’t have last names our race deems it unnecessary so we have to make a name up to survive in the real world.

Read Hardcorend FILTH IN THE ENVY - Touhou project Ejaculation FILTH IN THE ENVY

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Good job using that little slut for her only purpose would like to see her swallow all of it tho
Tsubaki nakatsukasa
Fuck me pls