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#79871 - She let go of Greywind giving him another kiss on the cheek before letting go of his head she smile I’m glad your here with me tonight Greywind you make me feel safe now if you excuse me I’m going to take a bath she got up form the bed and begin walking toward the small room she turn to see Greywind was right behind her she smile I’m all right Greywind you don’t need to protect me while I’m taking a bath beside I’ll need some privacy I don’t want you seeing me without my clothes on that would be a little weird you just wait out here I’ll be out soon. She turn to the direwolf who was staring at her with what she could see was lust in his eyes he wanted her as well there was no stopping these two they wanted to fuck each other badly in fact Tailsa could tell cause of the size of Greywind dick it was fucking big bigger than Robb even god she needed this wolf now. Tailsa Stark sigh in relief oh Greywind it just you did you come to protect me and mine and Robb baby form the evil Lannister

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