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#254105 - It was huge for a dog, about ten inches long with a red, veiny shaft. She had been expecting a more difficult entrance, with the cock pushing against her hole until the head popped in, and she wasn't prepared for this sudden invasion of her bowels. Emily, who was getting some footage of Carol's stretched anus accepting inch after inch of cockmeat, could see that Carol was now actually humping her ass backwards like she was trying to take even more of the outsized cock.

Read Solo Girl Kansen Sodom - Infection SODOM Pink Kansen Sodom - Infection SODOM

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Usagi tsukino
I cant imagine a woman that would like to have stranger creampie inside and show it to him i can give you the load inside so you can show it
Yuya sakaki
What the hell did i just watch
Raika oda
She took that shit like a champ